OXXFRD – Welcome EP

“I’m just waiting for the Hip-Hop/Rap community to give me my fair Welcome,” says upcoming LA rapper Oxford of his debut project “Welcome EP.”  Astoundingly, the 20 year old rapper has only been making music for less than a year, convinced by his friends to give it a go. You could never guess that was the case however, … Continue reading OXXFRD – Welcome EP

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OutKast – Everlastin’ (The Remix EP) [Prod. By Urban Noize]

The remix EP project Everlastin’ is to help commemorate the 20th anniversary of OutKast being together as a group. As well as the impact they’ve had in music. All while reintroducing some of their classics to in refreshing way, to a younger generation that may not be familiar with them. DOWNLOAD HERE Continue reading OutKast – Everlastin’ (The Remix EP) [Prod. By Urban Noize]

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Goliath PAW – Canary In A Coal Mine (EP) & Exclusive Interview

Canary In A Coal Mine (EP) is a collection of songs written and recorded by Canadian urban artist Goliath PAW. This EP takes hiphop and combines it with a heavy pop and rock influence creating a unique sound and style all in its own. Each song promises a story for the listener to follow delivered alongside clever wordplay and a sense of humor. All songs are upbeat with the exception of “GetAway” a slower tune with a deep thought-provoking story. With concepts everyone can relate to, songs like “Weirdos Win” and “Higher” teach self confidence while “Buried Alive” deals with matters of the heart. The name “Canary In A Coal Mine” is an old saying which today translates to “warning.”

“By naming the EP “Canary In A Coal Mine” I am sending out a warning to the Hiphop world that I have come to change the way rap music is written, recorded, and heard!” – Goliath PAW

WEB: http://bit.ly/1jumZw7
Twitter: http://bit.ly/1aF68kj
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1mjstP5
Youtube: http://bit.ly/1jwSB3J
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/MsYu70
Instagram: http://bit.ly/19Iub6F

Interview after the jump. Continue reading “Goliath PAW – Canary In A Coal Mine (EP) & Exclusive Interview”


King Paragon – The Frank​-​Einstein EP & Exclusive Interview

What if a monster with the power of Frankenstein had the brain of Einstein. That was the concept of King Paragon’s most recent EP. It can be vividly described in as little as three words ” Ingenious Raw Power”. As an artist that does all of his own production you can tell that he knows his niche rather well and has no issue showing his lyrical dexterity over those punchy bass heavy instrumentals he creates. It’s well worth a listen and is sure to turn heads as his best work yet.

If you like what you’ve heard but sure to check out our Exclusive Interview After the jump Continue reading “King Paragon – The Frank​-​Einstein EP & Exclusive Interview”